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Sky Contact

A list of options is provided when a Sky customer dials into the automated menu using the Sky contact number. headder_aboutWhen the customer calls each option is made available in a form of a number, which is voiced over from the calling device. You just have to use the available phone keypad to select your choices. The system will present options from which you can choose which relevant department may address your concern. The call will automatically be transferred to that particular section in the Sky office.

The automated system also identifies the waiting times for the caller to know so that he/she may have the option to call back again or to leave a message requesting for a callback. The system approves a call flow to various departments covering all forms of assistance and benefits, which may be extended back to the customer.

Roles And Responsibilities

The Sky Customer Care Department has their own roles and capabilities in managing several inquiries made by the customer. The advice given by several customer service representatives satisfy the callers and in turn Sky as a company is benefiting through a high customer satisfaction survey results.

The main advantage being offered by automating the distribution of calls in to various sections of the customer service departments is that the volume of calls is assigned specifically to the desk concerned. This shortens the length of queue. In simpler terms, the caller doesn’t have to wait that long to be attended to. Even if there is only a few customers who complain about long call waiting times, it is still preferred that once your call is picked up, the customer service representative will be able to resolve your issue right away. This means you won’t have to repeat the entire process once more.

Getting It Right

Getting into the right department also lessens the number of minimum calls being put on hold. If you get into the wrong queue, you may have to either wait to be assisted on your concern as the representative is not familiar with your issue or you have to wait to be transferred to a different department and wait further.

As a guide, below are the common instances wherein you may encounter difficulties in using your Sky subscriptions. Look out for the numbers to call as mentioned:

Billing Questions

Account and Billing Help are for queries on your Sky bill. It discusses concerns on upgrading or downgrading your subscription. If you are looking at changing the payment duBT-apologises-for-broadbande dates or your chosen payment method as well as managing your personal and account details, look through the Guides available.

Making payments, finding out the balance in your account or setting up a Direct Debit, here is the number to call: 08002 600 400. For any other billing issues, call: 08442 411 653 (UK) or 0818 719 819 (Ireland).

Technical Support

For technical support over the phone, you may do so by speaking to someone through 08442 411 653. The calls are free for Sky customers. For BT customers standard rates apply. If you are a customer based in Ireland, call this number 0818 719 819.

Purchasing Sky products or services online can be done by following the steps on the website or by calling Sky through 08442 411 818.

Moving Out

If you are taking your Sky subscription to a new address, call 08442 411 899 (UK) or 0818 71 98 93 (Ireland). You may also refer to for more details and raising a request.

Lastly, if you are making a complaint, dial 08442 411 653 (UK) or 0818 719 819 (Ireland).

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