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Custom T-shirts

Are you an online marketer? Or do you have a storefront that specializes in selling apparel?

You can make a tremendous amount of profit these days by offering custom T-shirts and hoodies in a market that can’t get enough! We all love the things we love, but then we also want everyone else to get involved in the same things that make us passionate.

Therefore, consumers are always on the lookout for quality clothing that bears the logo or message of affinity groups that they belong to. How many T-shirts or sweatshirts have you seen with these messages? Rock ‘n’ roll bands throughout the world sell incredible numbers of concert T-shirts. We’ve all seen them, as they have all the concert dates running down the back of the shirt.

These are incredibly profitable for the bands to sell. Not only do they make money during the sales process, but then they have a long-term built-in source of promotion every single time that one of their fans where’s the shirt in public! What a great dynamic that is.

You, as a marketer, can find far more affinity groups than just rock ‘n’ roll bands. Church groups, family reunions, local sporting groups and tournaments, they all are a potential purchaser of affinity apparel. You just need to put together a design that is attractive to them, and find a reliable supplier of the closing itself.

Everyone who has attended college or Uni loves to show off their school pride! You can literally make sales all day long to people who want to spread these messages by selling them custom printed t shirts.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the logistics of providing such a solution in the marketplace. One of the things you’ll want to watch out for is the quality of what you provide. It’s natural for business owners to want to control costs. We get it! The problem is, that just buying apparel from a supplier with the lowest price is that you can never be sure about how much attention they will be putting into where they source the fabrics and how quality control will work at the manufacturing facility.

The last thing that you want is to order hundreds of T-shirts or hoodies only to find out that your buyers are unhappy with the quality of cotton used, or maybe that sizing is inconsistent with the expectation in what ever geographic market you’ve picked to sell the final product.

Obviously, as a business owner you want happy customers who will be repeat buyers. These are just some things to consider, if you can understand the vast potential of marketing into affinity groups.