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Our interview with Dr. Nicholas Kouwen, P.Eng, Distinguished Professor Emeritus University of Waterloo.



Dr. Nicholas Kouwen

Dr. Kouwen’s groundbreaking work over the past year has revealed that the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s noise limits are being exceeded a majority of the time near industrial wind turbines (IWT’s) at locations in Grey Highlands, ON, Canada. Furthermore it appears the MOE model is flawed and “substantially underestimates” wind turbine noise. We spoke with Dr. Kouwen about his methodology and ongoing work.

Dr. Kouwen’s full report can be found here.

The flawed Ministry of Environment Guidelines here.

Part of our discussion during the interview uses this graph (figure 13.) to illustrate the report’s findings (click to enlarge): Kouwen figure 13.

Also, an update on the situation in the Shetland Islands from Sustainable Shetland’s James Mackenzie.
Save Shetland

Project Facts:

  • The windfarm will consist of 103 turbines and be up to 457MW capacity.
  • Turbine size: tower 90m, turbine blade diameter 110m, total height base to tip up to 145m
  • Location: most of north Central Mainland Shetland
  • Maximum site dimensions: 12 km north-south and 11 km east-west
  • Site area: up to 12,800 hectares (32,000) acres
  • 62 miles of new roads through moorland and bog
  • built through deep peat and blanket bog
  • Up to 12 new quarries will be required to supply aggregate for the project. 3 of the quarries will be over 2 hectares (200 x 100m) in size. Most of the others are over 1 hectare each.
  • Total area of quarries: at least 1.7 km2
  • Total aggregate to be extracted: 1.47 million m3
  • A converter station to convert AC current to DC current is required before electricity can be transmitted to the Scottish Mainland via an interconnector cable.
  • 25 year life span
  • original EIA gave carbon payback of 48 years (fossil fuel offset). That’s 69 years as grid mix!
  • Developers later claimed a carbon payback of less than 1 year
  • Grid connection needs 320km cable to mainland and 2 very large converter stations!
  • A local petition to Shetland councillors in June 2009 raised over 3474 signatures.
  • Council organised community planning hearings averaged out at 75% opposition
  • Official planning objections to ECU: 2736
  • Expressions of support: 1114
  • Over 85% of all respondents gave a Shetland address.
  • 71% of all respondents objected to the Viking Windfarm

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