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Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) For Entertainment Workers

Sky Contact

The employment and support allowance (ESA) is a benefit that the U.K government gives to those who have a hard time getting jobs due to illness or disability. Disability or illness can act as a barrier towards getting a job. However, there are varying severity of medical conditions which can make one unfit for work. There are those who can hold jobs that are not too demanding while others cannot hold any jobs at all. The government acknowledges the hard time that such people have when looking for a means of earning a livelihood, which is why it sets some money apart for them. Read on to find out more about this allowance and how you can claim it.

Who is eligible for ESA?

Anyone who suffers from severe medical conditions can apply for this allowance. However, there are a few conditions that must be met before you can apply for the allowance:

  • You must be over 16 years old
  • You must have a fit- note
  • You must not have attained the pension age
  • You must live in the U.K
  • You must not be entitled to other major benefits, especially not out- of- work benefits

What is the Claiming Process?

The first step of claiming this benefit is a visit to your GP. You will need an official note from them, which is referred to as a sick note, detailing your illness and how it bars you from getting a job. Then you need to contact the Department for Work and Pensions at You can do so by calling 0800 055 6688. Placing the call is a free service, so you have no reason to delay contacting the department.

After contacting the department, they will send you a questionnaire to fill out. Be sure to fill it in the most detailed and accurate way you can. This minimizes the need for personal assessments and makes it easier for the department to accord you the right allowances. In case the department requires a one on one medical interview with you, they will most definitely ask you to attend one of theirs. The medical professionals from the department will examine you in order to determine exactly how severe your condition is, and how it hinders you from securing employment.

The assessment process should ideally take thirteen weeks, although it often takes longer than that. The pay rate for this period of time is £73. 10 if you are over 25 years old, and £ 57.90 if you are under 25 years old. If you are found to be eligible for the allowances and your assessment period took longer than thirteen weeks, your payment will be backdated to the fourteenth week after your application.

How Much Money will you get?

The amount of money you will get depends on the severity of your disability or illness. If you are deemed eligible for the allowance, you can be placed in one of two groups. The first is a work related activity group, and the second is a support group.

ESA ExpertsIf you are placed in a work- related group, it means that you can still work despite your medical conditions. It means that you are having challenges getting a job because of your sickness or disability, but that you are trying all the same. If you are placed in this group, you are supposed to attend interviews with an advisor. The advisor will give you tips on how to hone your skills and how attain your job goals. In this group, your allowances will be £102.15 per week.

Failing to attend interviews can lead to sanctions. This can take the form of pay cuts or even being denied all your allowance. If you think you could miss an interview for a valid reason, be sure to tell that to your advisor.

You could also be placed in a support group. Being placed here means that your sickness or disability makes it nearly impossible for you to hold a job. If you are placed here, you do not have to attend interviews. However you can always consult a personal advisor if you feel that you want to look for work. In the support group your allowance will be £ 109.30.

ESA can also be classified as contributory allowance or income- related allowance. If you held a steady job before you became too ill to work, no doubt you made a contribution to the National Insurance. The allowance you get if you made such a contribution is referred to as contributory allowance. An income-related allowance on the other hand is given to those who have never held a job before, or those who had very low paying jobs. If you need to contact the ESA directly, just use the telephone number at


Now that you know about employment support allowance, be sure to apply for the money if you need it. Applying is an easy process and the money can go a long way in helping you cope with life.

Sky Q Spells The Future of TV Entertainment

Sky Packages

1381240646_w670_h312Sky Q is the coolest thing in Home Entertainment Programming to date. Sky+HD users has been requesting for this for years and has included the same in their wish lists. Part of its allure is its new cutting-edge hardware, on-screen menu that has an updated interface, and its wireless multi-room feature design that is so slick it looks futuristic.

Bundled with the plan are the new boxes to be used for setting up, the touch pad remote control that is state of the art and the broadband hub. The hub is clearly an upgrade from its previous versions. If you sign up for the Sky Q Silver, you can record up to four other programs even while watching. Talk about an entertainment system that multi-tasks a lot. If this is how you look at the future of your entertainment system, then sign up and get Sky Q now.


Multi Room

Sky Q is suitable for multi-room building or home. Recorded TV shows can be paused in one room and when you go up and stay in another room, you can continue watching the paused program. You can resume the playback in just about anywhere the set-up is located. Use the Sky Q tablet app or the Sky Q mini boxes to make this all around entertainment value become a reality in your homes or offices. The possibility to download the recordings and take them with you is also made a reality by the set-top box from Sky.

These amazing features are not the only things to look forward to when you avail the Sky Q plans. There are two bundles that you can choose from and both comes with an 18-month contract:

Basic Package

The basic and cheapest package for Sky Q is for £44 a month. It comes with a 1TB hard drive which can store up to 150 hours of HD television program recordings. Eight TV tuners are part of this set-up too including two different set-top boxes and multi-room connectivity.

Sky Q Silver Package

Sky Q Silver package has an upgraded version of the set-top box plus 12 tuners on board. Starting from £56 per month, it ships with the more expensive Sky Q bundle. It has better storage than the basic kit and if you are more into HD content, it can store up to 350 hours of shows, programs and movies. It also comes with the Q mini boxes and wireless access points that can be placed across the entire house.

Sky+HD_box_w670_h463Discounts are offered based on your choice between Sky Movies or Sky Sports. For further details, check out the relevant information properly of Sky products or services when you purchase online. You can also inquire by calling the Sky phone number through 08442 411 818.

4K Content Plans

Sky’s plans for the UHD 4K content will come later this year. If you are looking to avail this in the future, you only need to add £12 per month on top of your Sky Q Silver Package.

The installation of the next-generation Sky Q in your area is not free but comes with charges. Those who will opt for the basic bundle will pay a one-time cost of £249. This charge applies to Sky’s Smart Features only. On top of this amount is a £50 for the installation cost.

Sky Helplines Are Available Across Many Concerns

Sky Contact

A list of options is provided when a Sky customer dials into the automated menu using the Sky contact number. headder_aboutWhen the customer calls each option is made available in a form of a number, which is voiced over from the calling device. You just have to use the available phone keypad to select your choices. The system will present options from which you can choose which relevant department may address your concern. The call will automatically be transferred to that particular section in the Sky office.

The automated system also identifies the waiting times for the caller to know so that he/she may have the option to call back again or to leave a message requesting for a callback. The system approves a call flow to various departments covering all forms of assistance and benefits, which may be extended back to the customer.

Roles And Responsibilities

The Sky Customer Care Department has their own roles and capabilities in managing several inquiries made by the customer. The advice given by several customer service representatives satisfy the callers and in turn Sky as a company is benefiting through a high customer satisfaction survey results.

The main advantage being offered by automating the distribution of calls in to various sections of the customer service departments is that the volume of calls is assigned specifically to the desk concerned. This shortens the length of queue. In simpler terms, the caller doesn’t have to wait that long to be attended to. Even if there is only a few customers who complain about long call waiting times, it is still preferred that once your call is picked up, the customer service representative will be able to resolve your issue right away. This means you won’t have to repeat the entire process once more.

Getting It Right

Getting into the right department also lessens the number of minimum calls being put on hold. If you get into the wrong queue, you may have to either wait to be assisted on your concern as the representative is not familiar with your issue or you have to wait to be transferred to a different department and wait further.

As a guide, below are the common instances wherein you may encounter difficulties in using your Sky subscriptions. Look out for the numbers to call as mentioned:

Billing Questions

Account and Billing Help are for queries on your Sky bill. It discusses concerns on upgrading or downgrading your subscription. If you are looking at changing the payment duBT-apologises-for-broadbande dates or your chosen payment method as well as managing your personal and account details, look through the Guides available.

Making payments, finding out the balance in your account or setting up a Direct Debit, here is the number to call: 08002 600 400. For any other billing issues, call: 08442 411 653 (UK) or 0818 719 819 (Ireland).

Technical Support

For technical support over the phone, you may do so by speaking to someone through 08442 411 653. The calls are free for Sky customers. For BT customers standard rates apply. If you are a customer based in Ireland, call this number 0818 719 819.

Purchasing Sky products or services online can be done by following the steps on the website or by calling Sky through 08442 411 818.

Moving Out

If you are taking your Sky subscription to a new address, call 08442 411 899 (UK) or 0818 71 98 93 (Ireland). You may also refer to for more details and raising a request.

Lastly, if you are making a complaint, dial 08442 411 653 (UK) or 0818 719 819 (Ireland).

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